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We’ve all heard of the supposed attributes a successful leader should have…charismatic, great communicator, good problem solver, maybe an entrepreneurial mind.  However, these traits don’t necessarily make someone an effective leader.

To some extent, the scope for leadership is innate, although learning how to be a more effective leader is within everyone’s grasp – whether you lead multiple teams, or an entire company.

Take a look at some essential qualities and traits of effective leaders that you can learn and practice:

  1. Negotiating skills: Negotiation is far more than simply sitting at the table and exchanging proposals.  It’s the process of learning enough about the other person and being able to participate in a discussion with them that makes them want or need to work with you.  It’s all about persuading, compromising and trust.
  2. Team building: As a successful leader and being able to influence others, you can use these qualities to inspire your team to achieve their goals.  Effective leaders should be able to see beyond the mission to look at achieving long-term goals by utilizing their strengths combined with the strengths of others.
  3. Know the fundamentals: HUMILITY, leadership is about the folks around you.  Understand their apprehensions and breathe the difficulties they face.  If your focus is on them rather than yourself, people will follow you no matter what.  COMMUNICATION, whether its customers, colleagues, or suppliers, clear communication builds trust, improves productivity, and guarantees the job gets done right.  It’s about listening as much as speaking.  TRUST, don’t try to control all the details, if you don’t show your staff your trust, you will cut their ability to do their best work and you prevent them from ever fully trusting you.  INNOVATION, a leader needs to be able to develop and transform and then demonstrate it to the team or the whole organization will deteriorate.
  4. Team up with a peer coach: Peer coaching is a concept that encourages all team members to provide their colleagues with positive feedback and accountability.  When organizations adopt this model, everyone, not just leaders, become responsible for service excellence and everyone supports each other to raise the bar for providing outstanding service.

Being a leader today is different from what it was 5 or 10 years ago.  Leading and managing has moved well beyond just ordering the “pack” to “get it done”.

There are many different types of leadership styles, and your technique does set the tone for the organization…

Remember, effective leaders exhibit all of these traits on a day to day basis.  Be self-aware and work on sharpening your skills every day, improving these critical areas will result in a higher level organization.

What makes you an effective leader?

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