What your boss prefers…

Day in and day out, whether it’s personal or professional, impressions are very important.

Unfortunately, we can’t get around it, it would be wonderful if we could be judged solely by the quality and quantity of our work but it just doesn’t work that way.

Some supervisors judge their employees on their contributions and others on their productivity.

Usually, most managers will be somewhere in the middle but if you can pinpoint how, you are being measured then you will be able to improve your standing with your supervisor.

This might mean having to put in a little extra effort to prove yourself, especially in the beginning.

Being constantly worried about your relationship with your boss will not do anything to improve your performance.  It actually could lead to great stress and even worse, you being left without a job.

There are several ways in which you can show you are being productive over and above your actual contributions…

  • Arrive early: If you want to make sure you always arrive on time…arrive early!  If you arrive before your boss then you will show a remarkable quality of your work ethic.
  • Dress well: Employees who are dressed nicer than their colleagues are recognized as being better workers.
  • Technology: Know your technology tool skills…become proactive about learning your company’s software and systems and it them like a pro.
  • No baggage: An ideal employee is dedicated to their job and does not bring their personal life to the office.
  • Be focused: Do not have long personal conversations with coworkers or surf the web, it will show managers that your attention is somewhere else.
  • Remain positive: Even when you are frustrated or unhappy with your job, offer remedies and solutions all in the best interests of the company.
  • Never lie: You never want to be caught, even in the smallest lie about your job or your coworkers, it will ruin your credibility.
  • Stay late: Never leave before your supervisor, putting in the time and working longer hours will convey a sense of respect.

Anyone can chitchat with their boss and try to ingratiate themselves to their supervisor and it is possible that some will favor those who are most friendly, but most employers will continue to evaluate people based on their perceived job performance.

Following these suggestions will help you improve your standing with your supervisor and above all else, you must be dedicated and unwavering when it comes to making these changes, and if you stick with it, before long your boss will notice, and you’ll receive the respect you deserve.

What are some things you do to impress your boss?