What happens if you are not aligned?

We know that if our posture isn’t correct, our body is out of alignment and we become sore, stiff or even injured.

When our feet don’t or can’t achieve the proper position for balance, alignment and posture, we can get fitted for orthotics to provide proper support and adjustment for your feet.

Uncorrected this can lead to ankle issues, which can lead to knee issues, which can lead to hip issues.  Take a look around the streets where you live, how many people are using scooters, wheelchairs, canes or walking with a severe limp?

Early detection and correction may have prevented most of these issues.

So how is the alignment in your organization?  Will your organization some day be limping along?

Early detection:  The organization is not as nimble as it used to be.

Even if the organization has grown in size, it does not have to sacrifice its nimbleness.

Solution:  Hold frequent, brief tactical update meetings to keep the key stakeholders informed and projects on track.  Don’t let time slip away by delaying of decisions until the perfect solution is discovered.  Put a plan together and hold yourself accountable to delivery on time and on budget.  Frequent status update meetings are the best way to keep the pressure of making progress towards the goal a positive force.

Organization orthotics:  Written quarterly organization, department and individual goals and priorities that are aligned to accomplish the organization’s #1 priority for the quarter.


  • The organization has a clear #1 Priority
  • Each department knows what I must contribute towards that goal
  • Every employee knows how they must contribute towards the goal


Alignment, focus, clarity, everyone rowing in the same direction…call it what you will.

If you want to prevent your organization from limping along some day, get yourself aligned today, before it is too late!

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