Think like a Winner!

A while back, I participated in the Leadership Summit sponsored by Fortune Magazine in collaboration with Verne Harnish of Gazelles.  Among the many great speakers over the two-day event was Rabbi Stephen Baars.   The Rabbi was not one of the seven-featured speakers but rather is one of Verne’s favorite speakers that is invited to do a short presentation at many of the Summits.

 Rabbi Baars’ topic was titled “Think Like a Winner”.  I will give the short version of his presentation.  Starting with a request to close your eyes and think of the best day of your life.  Go ahead close your eyes and think about it.  Now on a scale of 0 to 10 how would you rate that day?

Now how would you rate yesterday?

How would you rate today?

What do you expect tomorrow to be?

If you are like most people your best day of you life was hopefully a 10.  Yesterday and today are what they are, based on how things are going.  The interesting day is tomorrow and your expectation for it.  Rabbi Baars’ point is that you should always expect tomorrow to be a 10, because if you don’t, it will never be a 10.

Your best day of your life is gone forever, yesterday is done, you are dealing with today…the only thing you control for sure are your expectations for tomorrow.

The Rabbi ends his presentation with one last comment that the worst disability in life is a bad attitude.  We see people very day overcoming physical and mental challenges and accomplishing great things.

But we cannot accomplish much in life with a bad attitude.

Make tomorrow a 10!

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