The Importance of Planning your Marketing!

So you’re in business!  And as a business owner, obviously you want to stay in business and watch your firm grow and become a strong company with solid customer relationships.

Marketing is such an important component within your organization.  It effects your sales and productivity, your potential at winning future customers, and builds demand for your product or services.

However, enticing customers is not as easy as you might think, especially if you have strong competition within your industry.  If people are not coming to look at your products, you may need to try and change this by increasing your marketing efforts.

No matter what kind of company you have, there are effective ways to promote your business that can bring you more exposure and customers.

Marketing is more than just taking out an ad or having a website.   It needs to be a process that has goals and strategies to achieve them.

Still that doesn’t mean marketing has to be a complicated process.  But it does mean you have to know what you want to achieve and set a plan to get there.

Here are some simple strategies you can use to increase your customers and sales:

Consider the 4 E’s instead of the classic 4P’s: 

  • Product to Experience: Focus not only on the product but the experience.
  • Place to Everyplace: Consider other places besides a “retail” location to reach your customers such as advertising on mobile phones, social media, and websites.  Also consider the delivery of the product to a home or office and how well it is delivered.
  • Price to Exchange: To increase customer loyalty consider more than just price.  Consumers want real value.
  • Promotion to Evangelism: Try adding focus towards inspiration for both your employees as well as customers.   Customers will connect better when they find the emotion in your product or service.

Top 250 Relationships:

  • Create a list of the top 250 people you need to double your revenue. Think about current and prospective customers, contractors, significant industry experts and journalists, politicians, etc.

Real Time Marketing:

  • Real time marketing is creating a strategy focused on current, relevant trends and immediate feedback from customers. With growth in social media, real time marketing endeavors can be more effective than ever.


As an entrepreneur and a CEO you have to be always looking towards the future and it is easy to make excuses for neglecting your marketing.  Even if you are operating on a shoe string budget you don’t need to totally abandon marketing.  Remember, if you do not effectively market your company, brand, image and products or services, you won’t be in business for long.

Consider Marketing as an investment in your future sales.  Make customers aware of your company and what it offers.  Keep all your strategies in mind when forming your plan and you will gain interest and generate those customers!

Does your company have a dedicated marketing plan?

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