The 3×5 Coach by Dave Baney

The 3x5 Coach by Dave Baney
The 3x5 Coach by Dave Baney

Book Overview

  • Managing employees has given way to coaching. Managers direct and
    issue edits.
  • Coaches guide and support team members to maximize their performance and growth.

In The 3x5 Coach, leadership coach, Dave Baney offers a powerful framework for coaching team
members by ensuring that all individuals understand their job responsibilities. His straightforward
methodologies and tools cover all aspects of coaching, including how to:

  • Manage your calendar
  • Hold coaching meetings
  • Set employee accountability standards
  • Plan employee growth
  • Lay out organizational growth
  • Develop your own strengths
  • Recruit and interview top candidates

An ideal introduction to the rewarding world of team coaching, Baney’s guide presents an easily
implemented system that works no matter how much your company grows or your industry changes.
Make sure all you employees know what’s expected of them – all you need are a few index cards, a
pen and Baney’s intuitive, adaptable coaching strategy.

“If you want to improve your gams as an employee, coach or leader or in starting a new business,
read this book!” Les Rubenovitch, President, Winning Edge Consultants, Inc.


“Employees must know the answers to two fundamentals, yet rarely asked questions that drive
accountability and performance: ‘What do I get paid to accomplish or produce? And How will I be
measured against that?’ Dave has the solution with a straightforward and practical process.”
Mark Green, President, Performance Dynamics Group LLC


“Dave Baney is the Vince Lombardi of CEO coaches” Bob Killian, Killian Branding


“The 3x5 Coach is the secret weapon of business books when it comes to building high-growth
companies.” Shannon Byrne Susko, Founder, Metronome United


“Wayne Gretzky once said, ‘A good hockey plays where the puck is, a great hockey player plays
where the puck is going to be.” Maureen Berkner Boyt, Head Moxie at the Moxie Exchange


“Dave parlays his decades of business experience and shares his insights in an easy-to-read book
which is insightful yet concise.” Craig Ahrens, Partner, FUNGO Consulting


“I love the simplicity of The 3x5 Coach tool; it makes an impact and reminds leaders and their people
of the most important thing we often forget what we are all paid for.” Kevin Lawrence, CEO of Lawrence and Co.