Supporting Employee Mental Health

The holiday season is rapidly approaching, and while it creates joy for so many, there are others who experience higher levels of stress and anxiety.  Did you know that a mentally distressed worker can cost an employer over $4,700 a year in missed days of work and over $2,800 a year more in health care services than their peers?  According to a recent workshop presented by Churchill Casualty/National Safety Council, employers can spend over $15,000 a year on employees who are experiencing some sort of mental stress.

The mental health of our teams can impact the bottom line, employee wellbeing and workplace culture.  Leaders can ensure top-performing teams by:

  • Providing sufficient work and avoiding overload, which creates burnout
  • Providing clear roles and responsibilities
  • Providing flexibility in scheduling, when possible, to ensure home/personal demands are also being met (encourage PTO use)

The Employee Assistance Center (EAC) is always available, for both your team’s benefit as well as yours related to the leadership responsibilities you have.  The EAC is most often known for counseling type services but has a wide variety of services that can often be overlooked.  Click HERE to learn more about how they can help ensure that your team is setup for success.


By Mindy Curtiss…Mindy is an HR Director with Kent Companies who I have known for a few years and has given permission to publish this article.


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