Stay Focused no matter the subject…

We’ve all been in a situation where we are in a meeting or trying to work on a project and our minds just keeps drifting off making lists and thinking about all the things we need to do or would like to be doing.

Well, this is quite common.  Roughly 50 percent of us have a wandering mind and just are not focused on what we should be doing in the moment.  Another interesting fact…when people’s minds are wandering, they are less happy.

So, what we need to do is, reduce our mental distractions and improve our ability to focus on our tasks.

Here are 5 ways to make a boring subject interesting…

  1. Humor: Adding humor to any subject matter will always make it easier to remember.  This is because it always brings a good feeling to our minds and especially in today’s technology driven world, you can find content in many different modes.
  2. Perspective: Try a different take on learning a particular subject.  Looking at a specific topic from another viewpoint can help you find its greatness.
  3. Noteworthy: When something is enjoyable in our eyes, it stays in our minds easily.   Find pictures to help explain your topic and create a story, you’ll never forget it.
  4. Survey: Try making a questionnaire about your subject matter you will find that discovering the answers will help draw you in and turn up the learning process.
  5. Case Study: Instead of just going through tedious rules and examples, a case study can get you familiar with real life challenges and provide you with a ton of information you cannot get from a book.

Don’t beat yourself up the next time you find your concentration far away from where it’s supposed to be.  It’s only natural for our minds to drift.

If you must learn a subject matter anyway why not make it enjoyable, right?  And, you might as well make it interesting!

These techniques just may have you respecting and even admiring a rather boring subject.

What techniques do you use to help keep your mind on focused?

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