Relationships Matter!

Relationships at work are very important.  Not only does having a good camaraderie with your colleagues in general make your days happier, but it also has shown to improve your job performance.

I know…wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could pick our coworkers like we pick our friends.

Well, since we can’t do that, how we end up managing those key connections (even the most difficult ones) in the workplace will determine our level of success.

Developing solid relationships with coworkers allows you and your team be able to deal with obstacles that come up along the way.

The bonus to this is that having these valuable relationships within the company will make you feel more involved and immersed in your work which gives you greater job satisfaction!

Without these unique connections amongst you and your staff, there will certainly be signs of job dissatisfaction and employees within the organization not reaching their fullest potential.

Your organization can develop this kind of rapport through recognizing coworker’s needs and having mutual trust…asking for and giving support within the workplace will create a win/win situation.

However for a lot of people, the idea of connecting with others at work causes uneasiness.  Many people wish to keep their social lives separate from their work lives.

So how do we change that?

How do create a collaborative and cooperative work environment?

  1. Small steps: Start with one or two people that could potentially share interests with you, or people you’ve had a lot of work-related conversations with in the past.  This establishes a positive position for yourself, and makes additional discussions with new people much easier.
  2. Take it slow: Everyone is busy, but make a conscious decision to make time for coffee, or even plan a lunch.  Nothing complicated, just don’t let things get in the way.
  3. What’s new: Everyone has the ability to ask a question, even something like “What are you working on, then?” simply put it’s making new connections, and forging new things to talk about in the future.
  4. Awkward silences: If you struggle connecting with a colleague one-to-one, why not start with a group? Even the short times before the start of a meeting where everyone’s waiting around, spark up a conversation.  Even short, seemingly unimportant chats can help you get to know someone.
  5. Be realistic: For this process to work, you’ve got to be genuine and sincere.  People notice artificiality, and this will change how your co-workers characterize you.

These approaches may seem to be common sense to some, but mentoring relationships in the workplace undoubtedly benefits both parties and you will certainly see the results when more employees are engaged and supporting each other.

Remember… introduce yourself, talk to people, ask questions, tell stories, and be interested!

The bottom line is that relationships within the workplace matter!  They can make or break the success of your organization.

So expand your networks and invest in your connections at the office, it will benefit you as well as the future of the business.

How connected are your employees?


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