Prepare yourself for stress!

When you are a business owner or a CEO, the job can come with some significant pressure.

Everybody expects the business leader to be there for everyone and everything.  You are supposed to be all things to all people and no-one is really interested in the fact of whether you are having a bad day or not.

There are always circumstances and emergencies that come up that make your work environment a frantic, hectic atmosphere to be in.  You have to make lots of decisions during difficult times.

And with a business and environment that is constantly changing, preparation is going to be your biggest component for helping to cope with stress successfully.

When you are unprepared for the pressure of stress, it will have an effect on your performance.

So instead of experiencing stomach pains, sleep difficulties, anger and poor concentration, just to name few, learn how to be successful and flourish with the everyday pressure you face.

If you know some strategies and incorporate them into your everyday life, you can avoid stress before it becomes too much to handle:

  • Learn to say no: Committing to even the slightest bit more will seem like a huge undertaking.    You’ll learn that you can have less stress by not taking on more of a workload that you can realistically handle, there will then be more time for meaningful interests.
  • Delegate: You must give more responsibility to your employees and trust that the work will get done.  A huge weight will be lifted off your shoulders and you’ll be able to take a day off without the stress of “the office falling to pieces” while you’re out.
  • Track your time: A huge part of time management is knowing exactly what you are spending your time on.  Once you track and realize what is consuming all your time, it will become ridiculously easy to decide what is pressing and what can be delegated or disregarded.
  • Unplug:  You’ll probably need some self-restraint for this one but if you turn off your phone and computers while you sleep and for at least two hours while you’re awake it will greatly help you to prepare with de-stressing.  Better yet, spend that extra time with friends and family.

Being able to handle and manage workplace stress will have many advantages and remaining disciplined by managing both time and productivity is really the key.

Stress in life today is extensive and has no limitations.  We all deal with it every day, at work and at home.  It comes in all forms and can affect our emotions and physical abilities.

Remember, a stress-free CEO is one who has taken control of their life.  They sort their home and work lives, exercise daily, take regular holidays to unwind and to recharge their internal batteries….

This all leads to a very successful business and personal life!

How do you prepare to manage your stress?


Dave Baney is the founder and CEO of 55 Questions, LLC.  We work with successful top executives with a driving ambition to crush their competition.  We help CEOs and Entrepreneurs improve alignment, communication and accountability throughout their organization.

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