On the Job Training

Almost everyone that owns or runs a company knows that their people are their most important asset.

When the organization is new, there is so much emphasis on the recruiting and interviewing process in order to build the strengths from within the company.

Once everyone is hired, the time and expenditure in your staff can often start to go astray.  However it is necessary to continually consider your managers and their employees.

Are all employees current in their training? Have the managers developed the skills they need to lead people properly?

Remember, it’s your management team that should maintain the path and build an inspiring vision for your front line employees.

You can develop and offer a strong on-the-job training program for your managers as well as all employees that can be a huge advantage to the organization.

Here are some very effective ways to combine ongoing training and employee development all while building your team!

Mentor: This can be a very effective type of training.  It will combine experience, skills, and wisdom to a mentored employee to broaden and expand employee development.  It’s a win-win for all parties involved.

  1. In-House Training: The idea here is whether you use an internal employee or host an external source, many mini training sessions over time gives way for discussions, new information and an excellent opportunity to educate and build your team.
  2. Book Club: To boost learning, link the book reading conversation with a regularly scheduled meeting to double the impact of the book.  One employee can lead the chat while a second employee leads the discussion about the relevance of the book’s teachings to your company.
  3. Brown Bag Lunches: Discussions during Brown bag lunches (or even bought lunches) for the employees are wonderful for member development.  This will improve employee commitment to the company by raising knowledge of your field, your industry, your competition and your customers.
  4. Job Shadowing: All employees from management on down the line can benefit from temporary periods of job training while they observe and participate in the work of another employee.  This interaction could reveal required steps or components necessary to successfully accomplish the job that the employee might never had thought to reveal.
  5. Internet Training: Online training such as Intranet and webinars classes can be easily overlooked but are a fabulous opportunity for employee resource and development.

Before all, make sure your company has strong definite goals and a clear vision.   By establishing an employee and leadership development program, you will motivate and encourage your personnel by supporting managers and employees alike to continue learning and training.

Keep in mind, that there is no investment that you can make that will do more to improve productivity in your company than the encouragement and support of all your employees.

Are you utilizing all opportunities for manager and employee development?

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