Multipliers make the best leaders!

There are different kinds of leaders…and they are on complete opposite sides of the spectrum.  I’m sure at one time or another we will all experience the clearly distinctive ways these managers choose to lead.

There are leaders who drain intelligence, energy, and capability from the folks around them.  They always need to be the smartest person in the room.  These are the idea killers, the energy destroyers… they are the Diminishers of talent and commitment.

Then you have the leaders who fall on the complete opposite side of the scale.  The ones who use their intelligence to strengthen the minds and skills of the people around them.  When these managers walk into a room, concepts improve and problems get solved.  These are the individuals who inspire their staff to broaden themselves and produce results that exceed expectations… These are the Multipliers.

While Diminishers and Multipliers do many things alike…

  • They are both customer focused
  • Have worthy business judgement
  • Deem themselves conscious leaders

They also see the world through very different eyes and do a small number of things very differently…

  1. Diminishers – tend to tell others what to do, make decisions themselves, create stress, and micromanage daily operations…all the while failing to use the talent that they’ve brought into the organization.
  2. Multipliers – look for valuable skill in others, give people space to think, and encourage responsibility…which leads to people’s best work. They will also ask thought-provoking questions that reveal ideas and produce possibilities.

Principals should take actions to bring out the best in their employees at all times in order to guide the cooperative success of their company:

  • Connect any changes you make with the vision you have for your organization
  • Provide resources and office conditions that will encourage employee growth
  • Make sure all employees have opportunities to contribute to your shared purpose

It’s important that every employee see and understand the value of their involvement.   This is vital in maintaining the success of your company.  It will also provide them with a sense of meaning and purpose in what they do.

Businesses will succeed when leaders lock into developing the competence and productivity of their workforce.   Managers who change their outlook will find themselves with a more involved team, and will have more time to focus on the big picture, rather than the details, all while attracting top performers to their staff.

Leaders who multiply talent will create a win-win collaboration for the company as well as the individuals working there.

Remember…with your ability to be a Multiplier you can create a valuable leadership that leaves a mark on your employees that will last a lifetime.


Do you lead by being a Multiplier?

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