Leadership–The 4 Most Important Words in an Organization

Managing and leading in today’s COVID-19 environment has challenged us all. Dominant challenges have been how to keep your teams engaged while working remotely, and how to strive for honest, consistent, and adaptive communication, while answers and clarity on the future often do not exist.

One approach to address these challenges is the age-old advice of “going back to basics!” A client referred me to a couple of Tom Peters videos from 2009 and 2012. And yes, their advice is so true for today. Take a look at The 4 Most Important Words in an Organization and Strategic Listening videos – each about 3 minutes or less.

The 4 Most Important Words

More from Tom Peters on Strategic Listening.

Are You an 18 Second Boss?

Tom Peters uses an example from the healthcare industry to highlight the importance of listening. According to Tom, “the single most significant strategic strength that an organization can have is not a good strategic plan, but a commitment to strategic listening on the part of every member of the organization.”

In today’s exceptional times, “Tom stresses the need for inspiring and humane leadership now more than ever.”

Please pass these videos on to your staff, friends and colleagues. They could also be a topic of discussion at your next leadership team meeting (you do have them, don’t you?).

 This article was written by my good friend and fellow coach David Carter.  David, thank you for allowing me to re-post it.


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