It’s a culture of kindness…

The impact that kindness will have within your company will undoubtedly be confirmed through your employee’s determination, productivity and yes…your financial bottom line!

Creating a culture of kindness within your company might just be the key to longevity and success!

Having compassion for the ones we work with has such a positive effect and it has a tendency to bring everyone together.

Bonds and trust are established and when that happens your team will learn to collaborate, share their visions and support each other.

So, how do you bring more kindness and compassion to the office?

  1. Start by offering help to a coworker who has reached an obstacle. Your experience and know-how just might be a useful tool for them.
  2. Take the time to get to know your colleagues. By asking questions about them and their personal lives will make them feel seen and heard.
  3. When you see a fellow employee under pressure from work overload, offering to help with a task or project will ease the burden and just might inspire them to help someone in the future.
  4. Try requesting that the whole team contributes to the company’s visions and goals. Let them come up with steps to complete them.
  5. When you compliment a person’s best qualities in front of others, it can really boost morale. Try to find opportunities to celebrate your team member’s strengths.
  6. Set an example for your team but leading with compassion and they will never forget it. They will want to work for you because you care.
  7. Take a moment and think before you speak…are your words or actions coming from a place that will be motivating and compassionate? You want your effect to be a positive one.
  8. Teambuilding activities can really help with making everyone feel included. Set this up monthly or quarterly so everyone can be involved.
  9. Encourage your team to talk openly and freely with each other. When they share their thoughts and feelings with each other, they are more likely to work through the difficulties together.
  10. You can have little compassion challenges or contests in the office. Keep a running chart and a prize for the top performer.

When you strive to find opportunities daily to perform some random acts of kindness, it will make you feel great!

Every seemingly insignificant interaction you have will leave you and them with a positive effect.

And remember, that as a leader, you can make your team’s morale a top priority by regularly communicating, actively responding to feedback, and recognizing accomplishments.

So spread some kindness and you will improve happiness and productivity at the same time!

How do you spread kindness in your company?

[themecolor]Dave Baney is the founder and CEO of 55 Questions, LLC and author of The 3×5 Coach: A Practical Guide to Coaching Your Team for Greater Results and Happier People“, which is now available in Paperback or a Kindle version at[/themecolor] [themecolor]Follow Dave on twitter [/themecolor]