Is your next hire Head, Heart or Hands?

There are many types of leadership qualities and styles, as well as many types of assessments to measure those styles.

When you find yourself in a position of needing to hire someone to be a part of your leadership team, ask yourself “what do I really need in this new member of the team, a head, heart or hands person?”



  • Focuses on the goals
  • Is a long-range planner
  • Sees the big picture
  • Always searching for new opportunity and possibilities


  • May not always consider the impact of change on the organization
  • Gets frustrated with lack of progress toward goals
  • Is not necessarily detail focused, attention to the process of goal achievement may be lacking
  • Usually does not focus on individual needs of the team members



  • Encourages people to participate in the process
  • Resolves process problems and conflict
  • Listens to all points of view
  • Recognizes and praises efforts of others


  • Team process and morale can override goal accomplishment
  • Usually won’t challenge others
  • Accomplishing tasks is a lesser priority
  • Not as focused on long-term planning



  • Outstanding at project planning and execution
  • Can be depended upon to do what is expected
  • Accomplishes task on time and efficiently
  • Sets high performance standards and pushes others to do so


  • Can lose sight of the big picture by focusing on the details
  • Sets unrealistic standards
  • Lacks patience with people and process
  • Can get lost in the data

After reading the positive and negatives of each of theses three types of individuals, hopefully you can identify their roles in your organization:

  • Heads provide the vision and direction
  • Hearts provide the coaching and are the culture drivers
  • Hands make sure that execution happens

All three of these types of people are important to have as members of your team.  What is the mix of these types on your current team?

Which type is missing?  What do you need to hire next a Head, Heart or Hands person?


Dave Baney is the founder and CEO of 55 Questions, LLC and author of “The 3×5 Coach: A Practical Guide to Coaching Your Team for Greater Results and Happier People”, which is now available in Paperback or a Kindle version at

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