If you lead well, they will speak well…

When you are a leader, you work on training your employees, and hopefully inspiring and motivating them as well.

You invest time and energy into customer retention…

But how is your employee retention?  Would your employees recommend your company to a friend or colleague?

Here are a few possible starting points to so that your employees will recommend your company:

  • Company Culture. Build one that fosters a happy workplace.
  • Communication and transparency. Find out how your employees feel and act on it.
  • Hire the right people.  Look at each employee as an individual with personal values that align with your company values.

Studies show that when your employees are united and engaged, they are more productive, hang around longer and are more likely to recommend your company.

If your workforce is motivated and respects your organization, they will likely to support and encourage their friends/family who would make good potential job candidates or help build a customer base.

  • When your employees have pride in their work, when they believe in the company’s mission and respect the values of the services or products that they provide, they will not only be more likely to use the services themselves but recommend them to friends, family or other colleagues.

Also, creating stronger bonds between team members and your company brand leads them to be excellent brand ambassadors.

  • When your employees are engaged in their work another great aspect is that they will be more likely to help with recruiting and hiring endeavors. When your staff has a high level of job satisfaction and appreciate their co-workers and environment, they will feel motivated to bring friends on board with the company.

This could also reduce time and costs for advertising job openings and searching for talent, it also stimulates a positive company atmosphere by adding to the team of colleagues of people whom they respect and enjoy being around.

When your organization listens to its workers, you’ll be able to take action by developing a workplace atmosphere that leaves your people driven, determined and passionate about their jobs.

How does your organization support a company culture where its employees recommend their brand?

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