Could this be your holiday wish list or New Year’s resolution?

The month of December is always an interesting time.  Form some it is a frantic, hectic time, trying to get projects or money leftover from the budget spent.  For others it is a quiet time, one of reflection and planning for the year ahead.

At the start of each year most individuals create a list of resolutions.  These thoughts are well meaning attempts to change us or our environment and a way to make the new calendar year less stressful, more productive and happier.

Unfortunately, in most cases these resolutions don’t get past the wishful thinking stage.  Those who really want to see significant change take the time to think through the “what” and also the “why” of the change they want to see.

This week, use the list below as a starting point and see what can be done to make a meaningful list of resolutions that will make your life and business better in the year ahead.

Resolve to have a written plan for your organization.  It shouldn’t be long and it doesn’t even have to consist of many words.  It needs to be filled with realistic actions that can take place so that the year ends in a better place. 

Make your mind up to see more clients.  It may not be possible to physically see all of them, so pick up the phone (or call using SKYPE), make s schedule of people to contact and stick with it.

Set up a 12 month rolling calendar for your organization.  This one tool solves so many communication issues, once you create one, you will wonder why you never did it before.

Drink more water and encourage others around you to do the same.  Water is just plain good for you.  The more you drink, the better you will feel.

Make a commitment to talk less and to listen more.

Establish a goal to leave work at the same time each day.  Once this self-imposed deadline is in place, you will be amazed at how much more productive you are.

Promise to hold shorter meetings.  Make sure that there is a printed agenda, someone in charge of the time, there is a time allocation for each topic on the agenda and that at the end someone recaps who is taking care of what and by when!

Spend more time with successful people.  Avoid the negative ones.

Schedule vacations.  Get them on your calendar and take them.  Enjoy them.

Read more.  Head to the library or Amazon once a month and pick up something that looks interesting (for business or for pleasure).  Then read it.

Take your management team out of the office for a day or two and create a plan for the year.  Focus less on the numbers and more on the actions!

Provide verbal evaluations to your personnel this year using a four-step program.  First, tell the person what they are great at.  Second, tell them what they need to focus on.  Third, ask them what help they need in their areas of focus.  Fourth, tell them how they can help you.

Make a daily to do list to keep you focused.  At the end of each day write down the 5 things that you want to accomplish tomorrow and prioritize them.  Then do them.

Resolve to understand that the role of a leader in any organization is that of a teacher.  Regardless of where someone is placed on the org chart, everyone wants to know ”why are we doing this?” and the leader is the one who can answer that question.

Set a goal to make 2015 your best year ever.  Don’t let the daily hassles of life stand in the way of achieving your goal.

What should your 2015 resolutions look like?


Dave Baney is the founder and CEO of 55 Questions, LLC.  We work with successful top executives with a driving ambition to crush their competition.  We help CEOs and Entrepreneurs improve alignment, communication and accountability throughout their organization. 

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