Great Leaders Need To Spend Time Alone…

Life just gets busier and faster as time moves on.  We are flooded with, emails, phone calls, and texts messages, it seems to never end!

It can be very overwhelming and we might think we need help from others to get through it all, but the solution just might be in the complete opposite line of thinking.

No matter how useful your team might be, partaking in some alone time is just as necessary.

Here’s why…

  1. Less distractions: Often times being surrounded by people constantly (even the best of the best) can cause your focus to shift.  You can find yourself with endless requests and before you know it, the day is gone.  Being alone will help you to get more done.  You will be able to accomplish your tasks without interruptions or distractions and build up your focus.
  2. Recharge: The busier you are at the office may have its rewards however it can also be very demanding and exhausting.  It’s very important to rest, recover, and refocus.  Everything catches up with us eventually so plan time to be alone, silent, and still.  You need tranquility and relaxation to build steadiness and stability.
  3. Thinking time: The noises and chatter of people all around you can make even the simplest of decisions very difficult.  It is so easy to become overwhelmed.   When you have important decisions to make, they need contemplation and consideration, along with time dedicated to focus.  Being alone gives you the time, freedom and authenticity for you to think.

Most of us spend our lives surrounding ourselves with others and that can make us feel better.  But sometimes, it’s just as important to create some solitary time for ourselves.

Leaders need to understand that although things like development, motivation and teamwork are mostly found by being part of a great team.

But most often attributes such as focus, reflection and purpose are best found when we are alone.

Creating the right balance between being around others and being alone is most definitely vital to success.

How do you make time to be alone?

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