Get Sales Strategy In Place….NOW!

In order to have an effective sales staff and successful sales numbers within your company, requires a very intentional and meticulous undertaking.  Your company needs a sales strategy that you and your salespeople can implement time and time again that will generate abundant business ventures.

It is not easy to turn these plans into action but while motivating your staff and working with passion and excitement…your salesforce and work as a team towards the organization’s objectives.

It is important to realize that you can’t sell here and there…selling demands a definite and clear-cut strategy, one that you can evaluate and observe.  It takes a commitment on an ongoing basis.

Every productive salesperson knows that there are many skills and approaches that contribute to their success, but there are some methods that the sales super stars have incorporated into their overall sales plan.

Your company will need to put together a design for effective sales into place, and once you get your momentum going it will become easier and easier to maintain.  However, you cannot start and stop, you must sustain your strategy and you will see the progress.

  • Know your market: After you have identified your target, reach out to your networks.  Email, phone call, web sites…you are looking for an opportunity to connect.  For the ones on the list you don’t have a connection with, send them a letter, email or pick up the phone and call but you must follow up again and again.
  • Questions: Have a list handy to help you really get to know your prospects.  Learn as much as you can about their needs and their business practices.  If there doesn’t seem to be a genuine possibility for a working relationship, it is time to walk away.
  • Produce and develop: Follow through on what you promised for your potential client.  Most importantly, build that relationship.  The sales process doesn’t end with the sale!
  • Observe: This is the most important part of a sales strategy.  As your plan is moving forward, make sure to keep track with how it is succeeding.  You need to be continually looking back over the previous month.  Answer these questions for yourself:

o   How did it go?

o   What worked?

o   What didn’t work?

o   Did I hit my numbers?

This will really give you an opportunity to fine tune your method and change what’s not working.

This sort of technique will work over and over and over again.  You’ll find that the momentum builds with each step, and it will become easier to do.

Once you recognize results from this kind of procedure, you’ll find applying a sales strategy keeps you committed and prosperous.

It will make the whole sales process easier to do and it won’t take long before you notice the difference.

Does your company have a sales strategy in place?


Dave Baney is the founder and CEO of 55 Questions, LLC.  We work with successful top executives with a driving ambition to crush their competition.  We help CEOs and Entrepreneurs improve alignment, communication and accountability throughout their organization.

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