Any company that wants to out-work and out-think their competition to steal customers and grow. If you’re comfortable with your market share, don’t waste your time and money.

Cash flow Story

For Business Owners & Management Teams

Our passion is business made simple…improving Profit, Cash & Value

Simply the easiest and most practical tool for scaling a firm's cash flow - giving the leadership team real insight into the 7 critical levers for driving valuation. There is no other simpler tool to give real visibility into the financial workings of your firm.


The Power of One is the Code of your Business

Do you want to improve your profit, your cash flow and your valuation?

Cash Flow Story with its Power of One is the code of your business. Your business is no different than a sporting event. There has to be a scoreboard and Cash Flow Story is that scoreboard.

Using the 7 levers in the Power of One, everyone in the game can be taught how to improve and fix the business.