Employee Recognition

Not a Nice to Have…but a NEED to Have

By Mindy Curtiss

Summer months are a great time for vacations. In fact, we see a 33% surge in vacation requests that occur in specific months every year. What are Kent’s peak vacation months?

  • July                       Holidays & Summer Vacations
  • August                  Summer Vacations
  • November            Hunting Season & Thanksgiving
  • December            Holidays

Peak vacation months means you have team members left working in the office/field who often pick up the extra work left in their co-workers’ absence.  Recognition can be especially powerful during this time, and it’s easy to fit into your budget. Here are some low-cost ideas keep your team motivated and productive:

  • “Go Home Early” Card: This is similar to Monopoly’s “get out of jail card.” Employees love a little extra time off on a Friday to spend with their family.
  • Written Recognition: A thank you note, handwritten by you, can mean the world to an employee.
  • Company Announcements: Always remember the RED Feed and its impact on your team when you recognize their achievements. They love to see their name in lights!
  • Gift Cards: A dinner gift certificate for a date night might just make your employees day.
  • Spontaneous Treats: Food speaks to many, and pizza is always a low-cost option.  Show up to the job site one day just to say thanks!
  • Activities: Ask your employees for input about fun activities. What do they want to do?
  • Face Time: Take the recognized employee to lunch. Some one-on-one time with your employee can create conversations about what they really think.
  • PPE: Employees love free swag, especially items they can wear to work.  How about a couple of hi-viz shirts as a thank you?

Recognition isn’t a one size fits all process.  The more you get to know your team, the better you’ll be at offering recognition that speaks to their personality.


Our guest blogger, Mindy Curtiss is a Corporate Human Resources Director for Kent Companies.

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