Do you follow up after a meeting?

Meetings can consume so much of our days and they can really ruin your team’s productivity if you are not careful.  So, you need to make the most of them…before, during and especially after!

Have you ever thought about the follow up after a meeting?

The way you follow up after a meeting can also determine whether all of the good ideas produced during the discussion will ever come to fruition.

There are some simple steps that you can take to significantly improve not only your follow up after a meeting but the probability that your company’s undertakings will be successful.

The most important thing to do after the gathering is to provide a meeting recap letter, it can be in the form of an email.  More importantly…what is in it?

  1. Subject line:  A memorable heading for your email is a perfect way to start.  You want to let your reader know exactly what your email is about.  “Meeting Follow Up” is just not enough, Let them know the main theme of the meeting plus the date.
  2. Thank you:  Even in a business setting you should personalize your note and say thank you.  Even if the meeting had some touchy moments, be positive and appreciative.
  3. All in the details:  Keep everything as accurate as possible.  Include meeting details including, date, purpose, goals and location.
  4. Participants:  Give everyone a list of who attended, including any people who were working remotely.
  5. Matters considered:  In your email provide the agenda with complete notes on what was discussed.
  6. Unfinished business:  If any items were postponed for a future date be sure to let everyone know.
  7. Follow up actions:  One of the most important steps is your follow up plan.  You must include a list of follow up activities.  List the items to be completed, the due dates and the person accountable for each item.
  8. Future meetings:  Add any follow up actions to the calendar immediately.
  9. Feedback:  Finally you should ask all participants for feedback.  See if anyone has questions on what was discussed or if they need any points clarified.

Following up after a meeting is as important as the meeting itself and a key step in the process of building relationships with your team.

However, as many expert planners can confirm, the end of the meeting means you still have some work to do.  But, with some effort you will definitely improve your future meetings, communication with your team and company success!

What do you do to follow up with your business meetings?


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