Do You Consistently Operate with Focus?

The best way to describe execution excellence is someone that is focused on doing the right things the right way.  We all operate that way from time to time.  The challenge is to do it day in and day out, week in and week out.  Maintaining focus can be a grind.

Imagine coming to work each day with two sheets of paper, one in each hand.  On one sheet of paper were the key accountabilities of you role in the organization and how your performance was measured.  In other words, why you were paid each week.

In the other hand were your priorities for the current quarter, which you had further broken down into a series of tasks to be, completed in short work segments.  These priorities would help the organization accomplish its goals for the current quarter.

What could be clearer?  Come into work and focus on your accountabilities and priorities.  Complete a series of tasks each day that add up to those accomplishments over the quarter and go home sat the end of every day feeling good about what you have done.

Knowing that you have earned your paycheck today and helped the company grow.  Focused!

Simple right?

So why doesn’t this happen very often for most people…too many meetings, too much e-mail, too many distractions, too few clear priorities and too often lack of clarity of role.

Many would call this poor management, both on a personal level and organizational level.

If you manage people, sit down with them and clarify expectations and accountabilities.  That means agree on what the top 5 accountabilities of their position are and how they will be measured for success or failure.  Be clear and specific about the measurement.

Next agree on their priorities for the current or next quarter.  What role do they play in the company’s initiatives and again be specific about expectations and outcomes.

The employee now needs to take these accountabilities and priorities and break them down into bite sized tasks that can be done in 45 to 90 minute segments and then schedule those on their calendar.

Require that step and review the workflow plan on their calendar with them.

Be sure that they leave plenty of white space on their calendar for meetings, e-mail and phone calls because they won’t magically stop.

This will help you people operate with focus.  We have all heard that it is always best to model the behavior that we expect, so you first.

When will you begin to consistently operate with focus?


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