Dave Baney

Keynote Speaker

David Baney
  • When he is in front of a room, groups enjoy Dave’s high energy, spirited style of speaking. 
  • He brings business concepts to life and gets his audience involved in his stories. 
  • It is fun while being highly educational.
  • Attendees leave the room ready to tackle their challenges.


The 3x5 Coach: A Practical Guide to Coaching Your Team for Greater Results and Happier People


Bob Killian,
CEO, Killian Branding

“Dave Baney is the Vince Lombardi of CEO coaches.  Dave’s technique offers help that is wise, tested and 100% practical.”

Shannon Byrne Susko,
CEO, Metronome United

“The 3x5 Coach is the secret weapon when it comes to building high-growth companies.”

Jonathan Padnos,

“Clear direction is such a critical component of leadership, Dave Baney, a.k.a.,

 Mr. Accountability, provides tools and tips that really work.”

About Dave Baney


Whether you’re an executive officer, a department manager, or a shift supervisor, you must have a clear understanding of your team members’ top accountabilities. Without clear communication, your team may not share that understanding. They may have entirely different views on their job responsibilities and even why they’re getting paid. This disconnect between managerial and staff opinions can devastate productivity, performance, and team morale.

In The 3 x 5 Coach, market strategist and leadership expert Dave Baney offers a simple, direct solution to this problem. Baney’s effective methodology helps supervisors and employees quickly agree on key job accountabilities while establishing objective systems for evaluating employee performance and growth.

Simply put, everyone will know why they’re getting paid and what they must do to continue to meet and exceed their job requirements. Baney’s effective coaching system encourages collaboration between supervisors and staff.

His methodology and tools are simple enough to use immediately and robust enough to scale up as your company or department evolves.

You already hold employees accountable for their actions—now you can align their expectations with your own. It all starts with a blank 3 x 5 card.


Title of Keynotes:

  • The 3x5 Coaching Process
  • Creating an Accountable Organization
  • The 7 Levers of Improved Profitability and Cash Flow
  • How to Crush Your Competition and Grow Beyond Your Wildest Dreams


Dave Baney is an executive coach, business advisor, author and public speaker. In senior executive positions at Burger King and McDonald’s Corporations, he led a variety of disciplines including Marketing, Operations, New Product Development, Real Estate and Construction.

He was responsible for markets in 32 countries throughout North America, Latin America and Europe.

He is the founder and CEO of 55 QuestionsTM and for the past 15 years Dave has coached the Leadership Team of over 60 companies in a wide range of businesses in the manufacturing and service businesses.

He works with Entrepreneurs and CEOs of growth companies that have a driving ambition to crush their competition.  He inspires them to lead their organizations to game changing levels of execution by developing customer focused, competitively driven goals and strategies.  This results in an environment of accountability and communication where people consistently deliver excellence and results.

To assist leadership teams, create a clear picture of their business’s current state, determine daunting but attainable growth goals and shape the path to reach that destination, Dave utilizes a combination of 3HAG, Scaling Up, Cash Flow Story and a proprietary discovery process called 55 QuestionsTM.

With over 30 years in leadership and management  roles, Dave has earned a reputation for crisp execution, dynamic marketing insight and thoughtful direction, leading to several successful turnarounds and profitable growth.  He draws on his extensive background to help CEOs find answers that turn their ideal world into profitable realities.

Dave enjoys speaking with groups of business leaders, Forum groups of all types, as well as, company off-site meetings.  If you are looking for an educational yet still entertaining speaker contact him.

He graduated from the State University of New York at Fredonia with a Bachelor of Science degree. He started his firm 55 Questions in 2009 to help entrepreneurs successfully grow their business.

Dave Baney’s Specialties:                    

  • Public Workshops and Keynote Speaking
  • Executive Coaching and Development
  • Mid-Market, Privately Held, Family Owned Business Coaching

Areas of Expertise:

  • Business Growth and Financial Planning
  • Strategic Planning and Execution
  • Leadership and Accountability

Contact Information:

Dave Baney
55 Questions, LLC
(312) 752-0134