Coaching for Performance

Coaches have an enormous impact on their teams.  Whether it’s in sports or business, we’ve all looked to someone as a mentor.  I’m a huge Michigan State basketball fan, and in our home, Tom Izzo is the best there is.  Even if Michigan State doesn’t impress you, it’s hard to argue with the fact that Izzo is one of the most respected coaches out there. He drives a culture of accountability in his group, year after year.  Before they step foot on campus, he asks for a complete list of goals from them.  Then he asks for their permission to hold them accountable for those goals and reminds them consistently about where they are in the process.  He coaches for performance, just like all of us do on a daily basis with our teams.

Coaching for performance is an ongoing process that requires commitment from day one.  Our job is to provide each employee a clearly written job description so that expectations are understood immediately.  The process then continues through their employment, with actions like:

  • Effective orientation, education, and training
  • On-going coaching and feedback
  • Regular (frequent) performance development discussions
  • Effective recognition systems that reward people for their contributions
  • Career development opportunities

As a leader, we all want employees who add continuous value to our teams and the organization as a whole.  Regular coaching helps to retain talent, engage employees and enhance the overall culture.

Maximize your team’s potential.  Ensure you’re regularly following up on the goals you’ve set for them.  When’s the last time you reviewed the goals of your employees related to last year’s annual review?  There’s no better time than now to set aside some time to ensure we’re still tracking for success.


By Mindy Curtiss…Mindy is an HR Director with Kent Companies who I have known for a few years and has given permission to publish this article.



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