CEO Virtual Coaching Process

As a 55 Questions client the following services will be provided to you as the CEO / Owner:


  • Monthly discussion with the CEO / Owner regarding:
    • Past month’s performance
    • Implementation of Meeting Rhythms
    • Discussion of Key Issues and People
    • Upcoming Leadership Team Meeting Agenda Discussion
  • Assistance with implementation of Daily, Weekly and Monthly Staff Meetings with the
    Leadership Team
  • Guidance for the members of the Leadership Team in implementing Daily, Weekly,
    Monthly Staff and Quarterly Meetings with their direct reports
  • Optional facilitation of Annual Planning Meeting
  • Use of Metronome Growth System software to track goals, priorities and performance

Tools Used for Planning and Accountability:

  • The 3x5 Coaching Process for People
  • Gazelles One Page Strategic Plan
  • Scaling Up for Execution
  • 3HAG for Strategy
  • Cash Flow Story for Cash
  • Metronome Growth System for Accountability

Benefits: Alignment / Communication / Accountability / Accomplishment

  • Disciplined, facilitated short-and-long term planning process for the company and each
    department with specified metrics and goals
  • Organized and disciplined meeting and communication and feedback process for the first two
    levels of the organization
  • Accountability and engagement for the first two levels of the organization

For further information, consider downloading my free "Meetings With a Purpose" guidelines.