Burnout can sneak up on you…

When your employees are working to the max because there are deadlines, juggling of projects, tasks that need to get finished up.  Burnout can sneak up on anyone of your workers at any time before they even realize it.

Know that burnout is more than just a feeling of being tired.  It is chronic stress that affects you both mentally and physically and the person suffering from is, is usually the last to know it.

It’s usually the high performers in the office because they have such a drive to be outstanding all the time.  They are the ones who just can’t say “no” and who are always increasing their workloads.  They are also the ones who will cancel personal plans and put in more and more hours in the office.

So how do you notice the warning signs when someone on your team is starting to suffer from burnout?  Here are some warning signs to look for:

  • Unexplained absences from work
  • Showing up to work late or leaving early
  • Decreased productivity
  • Obvious frustration
  • Failing Health
  • Lack of interest
  • Seclusion

Unfortunately there is no quick fix for an employee with burnout.  Making them take time off or sending them on a vacation will not fix the problem.

The best thing you could do as a leader is communicate and motivate your staff to help restructure their work life.

  1. Communicating: It’s important to hold regular staff meeting as well as one on one.  Help your employee to see the positives and put the emphasis on what excites them.  Also, if you can recognize and acknowledge their work it will help them to feel recognized.
  2. Motivation: Finding out what motivates your staff is important.  Each employee is different, so cater it to their needs.  Also, encouraging different kinds of stress relief can be very motivating, flex hours, allowing casual dress in the office, music, or even establishing telecommuting can help your employees enjoy their work more.

As a leader it is very important that you bring unity to your team, it will enable everyone to be more effective and work better together.

Of course you want your employees to perform at their fullest potential but also make sure you are considering their own unique abilities and give them responsibilities to help them grow their own skill set while limiting their overtime.

Absolutely anyone is vulnerable to burnout, it is important to remember that every employee’s reaction to their job is different.   Keep an eye on your staff and have some measures in place so you can help with it or even prevent it.

If you can structure the work environment so that your employees feels happy and motivated and have the tools and support they need, they will be successful!

How do you help with burnout in your office?

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