Blocking out time…

We are all so busy…The demands on our time has never been greater!  Information is being sent to us faster and faster, responsibilities are being handed out and we need to be able to handle them as quickly as the data moves.

Everybody wants to fit as much into a day as they can.   There are ways to get more done and fit more into your day with less distractions but you have to look at it as a strategy.  It’s actually one you likely already use for other areas of your life.

It’s about scheduling things…not just appointments, specific things…everything…all that matters!

Being that none of us can change how many hours are in a day, we all have to choose how we spend those hours.  So, by scheduling what is important to you, you can be proactive and productive.

  • Your to-do list. Start off with this, you need to define and organize what you want to get accomplished.
  • Your calendar important because that is where you are going to identify how much time you need to complete everything.

In reality, there is no perfect method to schedule your time…it is going to be different for everyone.  It is about finding the right fit and what works for you.

If you aren’t sure where to begin, this will be a great place to start and see how it works for you…

Time blocking on your calendar…simply said it means planning you day in advance and reserving specific hours to accomplish specific tasks.  Of course you will need to determine in advance what you need to accomplish and when you will do it.

When you block out tasks on your calendar remember, you want to have two different categories.  One set of blocked times for things that must get done…important documents or projects that need to be taken care of.  Then you also want to have time set aside for impromptu meetings, returning emails and other things that come up throughout the day.

This method can really have an advantage because it tells you exactly how you are going to use your time and when you’re going to accomplish specific tasks.

However, there still might be interruptions, you might have to reschedule a task or push it off until the next day.

Planning your day in advance will help you keep your focus on the tasks that matter most!

Do you block time on your calendar for tasks?

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