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Courage to set the bar high starts with a clear path

A CEO can’t keep tabs on every aspect of the company. After all, that’s why you hire people. But the organizational chart may lack clarity which leads to missed opportunities and unnecessary impediments. (Titles are not to-do lists.)

Founded by Dave Baney, 55 Questions is a discovery process to help CEOs and their management teams create a clear picture of their business’s current state, determine daunting but attainable growth goals, and shape the path to reach that destination.

Using a direct questioning method (sometimes uncomfortably direct), David will lead you to a better understanding of your corporate landscape from both a bird’s eye and worm’s eye view. There will be accountability where things now fall through cracks. That cluttered growth plan will become simplified, delineated and effective.

Where do you start? Request a 4D Assessment to find out where your business is hitting on all cylinders and where you need a spark plug.

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