A little less technology means more productivity!

Using smartphones to stay connected and consequently work 24/7 is so common that it’s now considered the “new normal” making the lines between our personal and professional lives very blurred if not completely eliminated.

Executives, leaders, and managers alike who all carry smartphones for work confirm they network with colleagues at least 13.5 hours every workday, (72 hours per week including weekend work)

Surprisingly, no one seems to blame technology for this problem and yet it has us all struggling to manage and have balance in our personal lives.

The bottom line…technology is “always on” and it is cheating us of our balance and ability to recharge.

So, if the average person checks their email on a given day between 6 and 20 times and if an employee receives and average of 200-300 email per day, no wonder we’re all getting frustrated because there is no time to catch up!

  • Often we are expected to answer call or respond to emails while on vacations.
  • Multitasking is a problem, responding to emails while on a conference call or in a meeting.
  • Responding to emails sent from customers on weekends during both day and night.

This behavior whittles away at our creativeness, inspiration and productivity which are resources that need to be renewed.

As the leader we must take responsibility and recognize that our actions are causing our employees to run themselves ragged.  There is no sense of balance and work is always following us home from the office.

When your people feel like their boss is always working, they feel like they should always be working and everyone is missing out on important down time that our brains need.

The lines are definitely blurred and it’s time as leaders to help our workforce to regain control!

Organize policies that support a positive principle that regards single tasks and down time.

  • Avoid after hours communication
  • Discourage an “always on” environment
  • Implement a “no device” policy at meetings

These strategies will yield a higher quality output from yourself and your staff, and a more productive corporate environment.

Remember that a frenzied environment that embraces answering emails at all hours doesn’t make your staff more productive, it just makes them chaotic and unfocussed.

The idea that more work equals more success is difficult to overcome but it’s not at all beneficial or maintainable.

I know that most of us can feel overwhelmed by all of our emails and there is no denying it is a great way to communicate!

However, at the end of the day, it’s time to turn off the computer, put away the cell phone and have some time to sit back and relax.

When you learn to manage and balance this successfully, you will significantly boost your productivity!


How often do you and your employees respond to emails at night?



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