4 Commitments a Leader Should Make

Every leader should make a few commitments to themselves, their people and their organization.  Here are four that should be on your list.

  • To Learn

    • Be open and willing to become better, open to new ideas and willing to grow
    • Find a mentor to help you
    • Be a mentor to future leaders of the organization
    • Remember a dog sled team can only run as fast as the lead dog…if you are not growing, neither is your team
    • If you want your organization to grow by 25%, you and your people need to grow by 25% percent…their knowledge and their skills and their competence
  • To Lead

    • There is only one place to lead from and that is the front…not behind closed doors, not shying away from the tough decisions, not avoiding difficult conversations with customers, employees and suppliers
    • Never expect others to do something that you would not do
    • Without leadership, your people will do whatever they think is right, not necessarily what you intended
  • To Create the Vision

    • Be decisive and clear about the direction you are leading your team, it shouldn’t be a secret
    • Make sure that everyone understands what the goals and metrics for performance are
    • Remember without goals your people are just keeping busy
  • To Communicate

    • Be active and visible within the organization…a few times a day walk around the building and say “hi” to people, see what’s going on, also ask them “what’s going on?”
    • Get out in the field, either with your people or with your customers or with your suppliers, see what’s going on, also ask them “what’s going on?”
    • Ask your people what they are thinking and share with them what you are thinking

Commit to these four components of leadership and be prepared to be surprised by a new level of commitment from your people as well.

People should know what you stand for as well as what you won’t stand for.

Everyone should know where you are headed and why you are headed there and what their role in the journey is.