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Goals are a Great thing?

By Dave Baney | September 18, 2020

Setting goals gives you that feeling of accomplishment and the ability to check another item off your list.   It is also a crucial part of business, helping us to keep track and measure our progress. But when you think about reaching those goals does it include an actual reward? Research has shown us that more than 80% of business owners don’t keep track of business goals.   As a business leader you need a way to gauge your progress and determine if you’re moving towards your objective. Set some real goals for yourself and your organization and don’t be reluctant to…

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What will your Cash Flow Story reveal?

Do you want to improve your profit, your cash flow and your valuation?

Cash Flow Story with its Power of One is the code of your business. Your business is no different than a sporting event. There has to be a scoreboard and Cash Flow Story is that scoreboard. Using the 7 levers in the Power of One, everyone in the game can be taught how to improve and fix the business.

Request a FREE Cash Flow Story analysis that also includes a one-hour in-depth discussion of the analysis with Dave Baney, founder of 55 Questions.

Cash flow Story

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4 Steps to Improve Your Performance in 2021

By Dave Baney | September 11, 2020

With today’s speed of change, if you aren’t looking and moving forward, you are quickly falling behind. Even though 2020 is almost ¾ complete, now is a great time to be looking forward to 2021 and how you want to improve upon your 2020 goals and performance (so you don’t fall behind your competition). If…

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The 10 Steps to Acquire Top Talent

By Dave Baney | September 3, 2020

There are three challenges I consistently see plaguing employers during the hiring process: How to maximize the talent caliber of the people they hire for positions in their company How to accelerate acquiring top candidates The cost of acquisition The most important factor is your company’s attitude toward acquiring top talent. When I refer to attitude,…

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Building Your Company’s Value

By Dave Baney | August 28, 2020

Building for exit (a.k.a. enterprise) value optimization is a great way to build a highly valuable business regardless of your interest in selling it or not someday. Here is a relatively comprehensive list of areas to address in priority order to optimize exit value and build a healthy and thriving company. Things that drive exit value: Reduce…

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