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The History of Man…What Have We Learned?

By Dave Baney | September 22, 2021

If we view the history of man graphically as a piece of 20 foot long rope, then the first 12 feet of that rope would be the Scavenger Man and the next 7 feet would be the Hunter / Gatherer Man and the next 1 foot would be the Agricultural / Farmer and of that last foot 3/8” would be Industrial Man and 1/32” would be Technological Man. It seems hard to believe when you look at it as a timeline. Timeframe                                Activity                                             Rope 200,000 years ago         Scavenger                                          20’ 80,000 years ago           Hunter / Gatherer                              8’ 10,000…

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What will your Cash Flow Story reveal?

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Cash Flow Story with its Power of One is the code of your business. Your business is no different than a sporting event. There has to be a scoreboard and Cash Flow Story is that scoreboard. Using the 7 levers in the Power of One, everyone in the game can be taught how to improve and fix the business.

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Getting “Crystal Clear” About Your Company

By Dave Baney | September 15, 2021

By Ken Keller There is a terrific exchange in the courtroom drama “A Few Good Men.” Colonel Jessup, played by Jack Nicholson, turns from being a witness in a court martial to the prosecutor when he asks Lieutenant Kaffee, played by Tom Cruise: “Have you ever spent time in an infantry unit, son?” Kaffee replies…

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Does Your Budget Link with Your Culture?

By Dave Baney | September 8, 2021

In most organizations the two concepts budget…which is about money and culture…which is about people are rarely linked or connected by intent.  They must be if you want to maximize your company’s success! The dollars that are spent should support the brand and culture that the leadership of the organization wants to create and maintain. …

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Why Does Your Company Exist?

By Dave Baney | September 1, 2021

Purpose is the single most differentiating reason for the existence of an organization, and the impact it strives to make on the world… It discerns and directs all organizational activities– originality, ingenuity, strategy, organization, culture, communication, and procedures. Purpose allows organizations to make a difference in people’s lives, both customers and employees. So, what is…

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