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Trust is Key

One of the key fundamentals in business is a trusting relationship.  If you are able to establish an environment where both parties feel safe then you know everybody will have each other’s best interests in mind.

Once you have your people’s trust…they will be able to accept criticism or even anger from you because they know deep down you really do want to help.

But you need to be careful because trust is a funny breed….once it is lost, it’s very hard to restore.  So often professional relationships have failed because the trust was broken or wasn’t there to begin with.

If you and your colleagues don’t have a history together it can be tough.  As a manager you need to be take the initiative to create an environment of trust that is evident to everyone involved.

So, how do you develop trust between people in the office?

  • Managers often begin directions to their employees by giving a lecture. This isn’t a good idea because this can cause your staff to lose confidence and become defensive.  I understand it might just be because you want them to make good decisions but if you think about it, what it is really suggests is that you don’t have confidence in their ability to make decisions.
  • Becoming a good listener to your people will show them you value their beliefs and opinions. Instead of being prepared to jump in with a response when your employee starts sharing information, listen with the intent to learn, which means no judging or inserting your opinion, this is a habit you can easily work on and master.
  • You must delegate tasks so you don’t deny your staff of opportunities to advance their skills. If you treat your staff as the employees you’d like them to be, your commitment and trust in them will shine through.
  • Giving credit and expressing your gratitude to your team members in front of others will show that you appreciate their efforts will make you a trustworthy manager in their eyes.

Without trust in the workplace, communication and teamwork will wear down, confidence and optimism will decrease while staff turnover increases.  You want to build the trust between you and your team, making your workplace an environment filled with inspiration and positivity.

Remember by having employees who trust you and your leadership are invaluable, so hold on to them.  People often drop hints as to whether or not they faith in you, so look out for them.

When you find people that you trust, and who trust you back, your company's foundation will be strong and that means ultimately higher profits for everyone.

How do you create a company culture of trust?


Dave Baney is the founder and CEO of 55 Questions, LLC.  We work with successful top executives with a driving ambition to crush their competition.  We help CEOs and Entrepreneurs improve alignment, communication and accountability throughout their organization. www.55Questions.com

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