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Time for a perfect meeting!

Weekly meetings can be the number one time waster in your day.  Often they are unorganized, tend to run off topic and sometimes have no purpose.

If there aren’t any clear objectives set prior to your meeting, there shouldn’t be any meeting.  Clear goals give your meeting a purpose….there needs to be an outline as to exactly why you are having the meeting and what you wish to accomplish.

Here are some tips to help you to make a perfect clear cut meeting agenda…

  • Three days: Everyone on your team needs to know what to expect.   Send your meeting agenda three days in advance so everyone has plenty of time to prepare.
  • Simple details: What time should the meeting start?  Who should attend?  The place or dial-in information.
  • Objectives: Before the agenda is written, decide what the goals of the meeting are.  After you have determined the goals, concentrate on the topics that need to be accomplished.
  • Time limits: Don’t overschedule time for each topic.  The content for each topic should dictate how long it should take.
  • Five topics: Having a long agenda can be discouraging and overwhelming, keep it to five topics, no one wants to be in a meeting for hours and hours.
  • Vital information: In your agenda, include any relevant material such as email addresses or attach important documents.
  • New rule: Have a company policy that if a meeting invite goes out without an agenda, you should decline the invite.

Remember, the most important part of creating an effective agenda is to follow it during the meeting.

Your outline is one of the best ways to both explain your goals, and help your team towards focus on them in a well-organized, effective way.

Make sure your agenda states any decisions that must be made by the end of the meeting and be ready to justify why they must be made that day.

Also, don’t try to squeeze too much into a one program, a shorter, quicker meeting will be more effective.

With proper preparation and a good clear meeting agenda you will be set up for success.  Your meetings will produce results and your business will keep advancing!

Do you have a clear cut agenda before you meetings?

Dave Baney is the founder and CEO of 55 Questions, LLC.  We work with successful top executives with a driving ambition to crush their competition.  We help CEOs and Entrepreneurs improve alignment, communication and accountability throughout their organization. www.55Questions.com

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