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The skill of giving Criticism

It can be a very difficult task to give an employee some criticism and as a leader there is just no way around it.  But when it comes to giving a critique there is definitely a right and a wrong way …

If you can learn to give tough criticism with the right approach you will produce a better employee.  But be careful, if you deliver it the wrong way, your employee might want revenge or could just walk out the door.

This is the time to be really constructive in how you help the people in your organization learn and grow so that they stay committed to your business.

Making your employee feel as if they have done a terrible job or done something wrong is far less productive than helping them figure out ways to do things better in the future.

Helping your staff be forward thinkers will let them feel valued and appreciated and will get you some indispensable allegiance and dependability when it might be lacking.

It’s time to think strategy…

  • Prior to giving the criticism, clarify that you are sharing it with them because you care and support them.
  • Pick your battles and make sure that the issues are appropriate and important ones.
  • You never want to make it personal. Never criticize the person, only criticize the act.
  • Always critique privately.
  • Don’t give feedback in the heat of the moment.  We have far less control over the tone of our conversation when we are upset.  Try to take the time to gain your composure before you let someone know that you aren’t pleased.
  • Have solutions ready to help. Criticism with no support leaves an employee abandoned.  If you want them to do better, you need to advise them how.
  • It is so important to be authentic in your delivery of feedback.  Speak with sincerity and your people will respond much better than if they sense that you don’t really care.
  • Staying positive and believing that a person can succeed and you will convey that belief to them, they will have a much greater chance of achieving their goals

The reason why we are giving feedback is to help develop the skills of the people who work for us.

When giving an employee criticism and it is not done correctly, it can seem mean-spirited, and feel like a personal attack or just make them angry.

When it is handled the right way, it can help improve conditions and behavior, inspire change and start a conversation about what is going on.

People are going to have a hard time hearing that they aren’t doing a good job, but with some thought and consideration, you can make feedback in your organization a factor that keeps your team and company moving forward.

How do you deliver criticism in your company?

Dave Baney is the founder and CEO of 55 Questions, LLC.  We work with successful top executives with a driving ambition to crush their competition.  We help CEOs and Entrepreneurs improve alignment, communication and accountability throughout their organization. www.55Questions.com

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