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Making Time as a New Leader…

When you find yourself in a new leadership position it comes with both rewards and challenges.   You have been acknowledged, you are someone who will now lead others, make a difference in your company and get to work and get things done.

On the other hand, now that you have more responsibility, there is more scrutiny of your managing procedures and techniques.  This feeling of trying to prove ourselves can lead us to thinking we can’t say “no” and consequently can find ourselves, taking on too many projects at one time.

Committing to a task too quickly not only does your team a disservice, but you don’t want to be known for over promising and under delivering.

Of course, saying no to specific projects will undoubtedly alleviate pressure.

We all have our limits and we need to learn to recognize them…

  • Review often: Know what is on your plate and that of your team as well.  If you review task lists on a regular basis, you will not say yes to something that is unreasonable, keeping track of your ongoing projects, you will put in some care and thought before taking on those additional projects.
  • Have clear expectations: Whether you say “yes” or “no” to an additional project, make sure all expectations are clearly outlined, and it is okay to say “no” but offer a possible solution and realistic timeframe as to when it might be completed.
  • Follow through: The way you are going to build trust and credibility throughout your company is to make sure you do what you say you will do.  This will build your reputation as a new leader but if you cannot meet deadlines make sure you communicate any issues with other leaders in the company.

Today’s new leaders need to think about time management and making prudent decisions with their schedule.  Sometimes this can come with some very difficult choices.

When you take over a new leadership position in an organization, it will often take some time to understand the scale of the changes that are required.  Following some of these strategies will help get you off to a successful start and allow you and the organization move forward!

How do you handle saying “no” to certain projects?

Dave Baney is the founder and CEO of 55 Questions, LLC and author of "The 3x5 Coach: A Practical Guide to Coaching Your Team for Greater Results and Happier People", which is now available in Paperback or a Kindle version at https://tinyurl.com/y8ecykfy


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