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Everyone needs quiet time!

Being alone and having some solitude is necessary to your happiness and well-being, it also assists you in being a more attentive, patient partner to your spouse as well as a more focused and inspired colleague and leader.

Having some quiet time by ourselves is actually good for all of us, it is healing, and decreases stress.

Solitude can often promote appreciation for others, improve relationships and can really give us the perspective we need help solve our problems.

With so many offices tending to have an open plan layout these days….how do we accomplish this?

The answer is to be creative and start with the small things that you can control…

  1. You do not have to socialize with your coworkers on your breaks. Instead try, reading a book, taking a walk, even going to your car and lying down if need be.  The important thing is to not let the stress mount, find a simple way to find some relief.
  2. Try having a sign to your colleagues that you are concentrating at the moment. Somethings as simple as wearing headphone will indicate that you do not want to be disturbed.
  3. You need to try and create a sense of privacy within your personal area. This might seem difficult if you have low walls or even no walls but be creative.  Try a free standing bookshelf, a potted plant, you can even see if you can move your desk close to a wall to be out of the way of the office traffic.
  4. When you are in an office over a period of time you should be able to notice a pattern of activity. Make a note of the quieter times and make the most of it.  You can use these calmer times to get difficult work done or just to enjoy some breathing room.
  5. The beauty of booking an office conference room is that your coworkers will naturally assume that this calls for privacy. If you reserve the office meeting room for a two hour window, this could give you the uninterrupted time and space to turn your phone off and have some peace and quiet.

The pressure and strain in a busy office environment, especially in an open plan office can understandably become stressful.

What you need to do is carve out some time and space for you to breathe and even enjoy your work again.

So, with some careful planning and deliberate design, you can guarantee that you will hit productivity levels that enable you to contribute to your company in positive, inspiring way while developing business results.

How do you find some quiet time in your office?

Dave Baney is the founder and CEO of 55 Questions, LLC.  We work with successful top executives with a driving ambition to crush their competition.  We help CEOs and Entrepreneurs improve alignment, communication and accountability throughout their organization. www.55Questions.com

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