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Don’t let burnout get you down…

Whether you are a business owner or a business leader, or both….a demanding career essentially ensures stress with the job.

If you find yourself feeling drained and fatigued, having lack of focus, and not taking care of your own personal needs, you just might be experiencing burnout.

Other symptoms include, depression, hopelessness, feeling overwhelmed by your responsibilities and using escapist behaviors to cope.

It really is a disorder that is very real but yet so easy to disregard and overlook.

Just to clarify burnout is more than just a busy day at the office, it’s actually way more severe than that, but you need to be able to identify the causes, the symptoms, and what to do.

  • Identifying burnout: It is not as simple as being overtired or having fatigue.  When you are genuinely burnt out, you will find yourself with no interest in work or anything else for that matter, everything will bother you, even a vacation won’t be relaxing.  Basically, you won’t be happy or fulfilled but you won’t understand why.

Sometimes, we might not be able to see these things for ourselves, so it is good to get some feedback and help from friends and family members.  Chances are they will tell you that you are working too much or that they never see you anymore and that you seem disengaged or not as much fun to be around.

  • Undoing the effects of burnout: Once you are in a position that you have recognized and acknowledged that you have indeed burnout, things will need to change.  Understandably this could take some time.  You will need to make considerable changes and stick with them.  However, once you start implementing those changes, you should start feeling your enthusiasm and purpose coming back.

Your body is in need of attention and getting back to the basics of geed health is important.  There are ways you can help recharge yourself …

  1. Become selfish: Try focusing on your most important projects early on in the day, before you will get bombarded with interruptions.  This way you have small amounts of time the rest of the day to work on some personal projects.
  2. Meditation: If you can dedicate just ten minutes a day you will find your focus to be stronger and you will be able to turn off and recharge when your job is done.
  3. Exercise: When you increase your heart rate you will naturally feel better about yourself as well as clearing toxins from your body and helping to alleviate any anxiety.
  4. Journaling: By keeping a professional journal, you are able to evaluate your progress as well as your struggles over the past several days.  You’ll be able to see what you are working on as well as what is holding you back.  It can be helpful to see so you can know if you are making the right decisions to achieve your goals.

When you are in recovery from burnout it is important to have a positive frame of mind.   Honor your accomplishments, no matter how small, as it will help you with reviving happiness and meaning in your work again.

Remember, there is some stress built in with any job, but when the pressure gets out of hand, it’s important to take steps promptly.

Burnout can negatively affect not only your overall job performance but also your personal life.  When you take measures to diminish the amount of stress you’re facing, you will regain your inspiration!

How do you take control of your stress in the office?

Dave Baney is the founder and CEO of 55 Questions, LLC and author of "The 3x5 Coach: A Practical Guide to Coaching Your Team for Greater Results and Happier People", which is now available in Paperback or a Kindle version at https://tinyurl.com/y8ecykfy


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