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Building better relationships…

It makes perfect sense that the better our relationships are at work, the happier, more connected, and productive we will be.

If we can channel our energy in a positive way and steer away from the negative relationships and problems that come along with them, you and your team will be more creative, and free to focus on new and exciting prospects on your horizon.

But how?  How can we build strong and positive relationships at the office?

  • Open and honest communications is always important. No matter the method of communication, whether it be face to face, email, text, etc.… Take the time to think about the outcome you want with your exchange.  Don’t let there be any misunderstandings, use clear and precise language because the more clear and precise you are will allow your relationship to be positive and successful.
  • When you appreciate help you get from a colleague, let them know it. Whether it’s support on a difficult project or someone bringing you a cup of coffee, genuine gratitude goes a long way to cultivating a great working relationship.
  • If you take the time to actively listen to your coworkers and even your clients, watch and see how the react. You’ll find that you will quickly gain their trust, developing this skill should be essential.
  • Always being positive creates an energy that people want to be around, there’s no denying it. It will create a momentum that will strengthen your relationships with your coworkers as well as your clients.
  • If you want to keep building your relationships, you must show interest. Consider all your strengths and weaknesses regarding your own people skills and start building on them.  In person is the best way to do this, even for only five minutes a day.
  • You need to be conscientious about what you need from your colleagues and what they need from you. Having clear communication about needs can lessen any complications and strengthen your relationships in the long term.
  • Keep on respecting your coworker’s views and ideas. This will facilitate a successful and productive working relationship.

Every successful career needs to build and maintain healthy, positive relationships.

You need to think about your colleagues, clients and investors within your business.   Ideally you want your working relationship with these people to build and become stronger and more involved together.

Creating and maintaining positive relationships within your company will lead to new opportunities and a prospering business.

How do you maintain positive relationships at work?

Dave Baney is the founder and CEO of 55 Questions, LLC and author of "The 3x5 Coach: A Practical Guide to Coaching Your Team for Greater Results and Happier People", which is now available in Paperback or a Kindle version at https://tinyurl.com/y8ecykfy


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