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About 55 Questions

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  • Client History
  • Career Highlights
  • Assessing Your Sales Staff

Courage to set the bar high starts with a clear path

A CEO can’t keep tabs on every aspect of the company. After all, that’s why you hire people. But the organizational chart may lack clarity which leads to missed opportunities and unnecessary impediments. (Titles are not to-do lists.)

Founded by Dave Baney, 55 Questions is a discovery process to help CEOs and their management teams create a clear picture of their business’s current state, determine daunting but attainable growth goals, and shape the path to reach that destination.

Using a direct questioning method (sometimes uncomfortably direct), David will lead you to a better understanding of your corporate landscape from both a bird’s eye and worm’s eye view. There will be accountability where things now fall through cracks. That cluttered growth plan will become simplified, delineated and effective.

Where do you start? Request a 4D Assessment to find out where your business is hitting on all cylinders and where you need a spark plug.

Dave Baney Biography

Dave Baney is the founder and CEO of 55 Questions, LLC. He works with Entrepreneurs and CEOs of growth companies that have a driving ambition to crush their competition.

Dave inspires them to lead their organizations to game changing levels of execution by developing customer focused, competitively driven goals and strategies. This results in an environment of accountability and communication where people consistently deliver excellence and results.

To assist leadership teams, create a clear picture of their business’s current state, determine
daunting but attainable growth goals and shape the path to reach that destination, Dave utilizes a combination of 3HAG, Scaling Up, Cash Flow Story and a proprietary discovery process called 55 Questions TM .

With over 30 years in leadership and management roles, Dave has earned a reputation for crisp execution, dynamic marketing insight and thoughtful direction, leading to several successful turnarounds and profitable growth. He draws on his extensive background in Operations, Marketing, Real Estate & Construction, as well as, New Product Development to help CEOs and Executive Leadership Teams find answers that turn their ideal world into profitable realities.

In senior executive positions at Burger King and McDonald’s Corporations, he led a variety of disciplines including Marketing, Operations, New Product Development, Real Estate and
Construction. He was responsible for markets in 32 countries throughout North America, Latin America and Europe.

Throughout his career, Dave has provided coaching and consulting to hundreds of small and mid-size entrepreneurs and franchise business owners.

We work with mid-sized, privately owned companies with the owner involved in the day-to-day business that in in the Manufacturing, Service, Construction or Distribution businesses.

I challenge teams to be their best by asking good questions and by being committed to my clients’ success.

Dave has been a certified coach in the following organizations: Mastering the Rockefeller Habits™, Scaling Up™, 3HAG™ and Cash Flow Story™. I use the best tools from each of these organizations plus my own 55 Questions™ proprietary tools in my coaching practice.

He is the author of The 3x5 Coach.


  • Executive Team Coaching and Development
  • Privately Held, Family Owned Business Coaching
  • Public Workshops and Keynote Speaking
  • Author of “The 3x5 Coach”

Areas of Expertise

  • Business Growth
  • Strategic Planning and Marketing
  • Real Estate and Market Development
  • Accountability and Communication

CEO of 55 Questions, LLC

  • 55 Questions TM service offerings
    • Executive Team Coaching and Development
    • Organization Assessments
    • Leadership Assessments
    • Financial Assessments

55 Questions - Client History

1. Advertising Agency
2. Agency that Created a New National Advertising Medium in Sports Venues
3. Air Duct Cleaning Firm
4. Aluminum Siding Manufacturer
5. Animation Firm
6. Architects specializing in Restoration of Old Buildings
7. Brokers of Wholesale Lines of Insurance
8. Commercial and Industrial Real Estate Firm
9. Commercial and Residential Concrete Contractor
10. Commercial Financial Brokerage House
11. Commercial Lighting Designer
12. Commercial Printer
13. Consumer Research Firm
14. Designers and Installers of Audio, Video, Data, Telephony and Security Systems
15. Developer and Manager of privately-owned (for-Profit) College and University Dormitories
16. Developer and Manager of Office Rental Space
17. Door Window and Light Designer and Manufacturer
18. Financial News Service Provider
19. Foodservice Equipment Manufacturer
20. Glazing Company
21. Global Manufacturer and Retailer of Premium Ice Cream
22. Government Pension Fund Management
23. Human Resource Recruiters
24. IT Firm
25. Law Firm specializing in Insurance Litigation
26. Law Firm that offers both Litigation and Transactional Law Services
27. Magazine Publisher
28. Manufacturer of Equipment to Pump, Meter, Filter and Store Liquids
29. Manufacturer of Materials for the Funeral Industry
30. Marketing and Promotion Agency
31. Metal Stamping Company
32. National Commercial Construction Firm
33. Office and Commercial Lighting Manufacturer
34. Oil and Gas Exploration Company
35. Plastic Injection Molding Company
36. Print and E-book Developer of religious Education Materials (a not for profit firm)
37. Private label manufacturer of your men’s casual apparel
38. Promotion and Awards Company
39. Radio Stations Owner
40. Recognition, Incentive and Award Company
41. Recruiters of Marketing Professionals
42. Recycler of Metal, Paper, Plastic and Electronics
43. Reseller of Used Heavy Duty Diesel Truck Engines
44. Residential and Commercial Construction Firm
45. Residential Real Estate Firm
46. Restaurant Management Firms
47. Restaurant Meals and Catering Delivery Service
48. Risk Management Firm for Colleges and Universities (a not for profit firm)
49. Security Solutions & Monitoring
50. Specialized Medical Software Developer
51. Steel Service Center Company
52. Stock and Bond Trading Firm
53. Structural Engineering Firm specializing in engineering Tall Buildings
54. Telecommunications Consulting (to Fortune 1,000 companies) Firm
55. Uniform and Cleaning Service Supply Company
56. Wealth Management Advisory Firm
57. Wholesale Meat Distributor and Full-Service Distribution Company


Career Highlights and Accomplishments


  • One of 200 Scaling Up coaches worldwide and served for six years as one of the membersof the Gazelles International President’s Core Advisory Council
  • One of 35 Certified 3HAG Coaches worldwide
  • Cash Flow Story licensed and Certified coach
  • Currently assisting CEO/Owners of 5 privately held mid-size companies achieve their aspirations through a proprietary process that includes:
    • Guiding them to hold brief and effective daily, weekly and monthly meetings
    • Conducting their Quarterly and Annual Planning sessions
    • Facilitating senior staff alignment, communication and accountability


  • Elected by peers to be President of the Renaissance EXECUTIVE FORUMS Franchise Advisory Board
  • Provided coaching and consulting to +40 successful Midwestern Entrepreneurs
  • Assisted CEO’s of privately held small and mid-size companies achieve their aspirations through a proprietary Peer Group process that includes:
    • Education through outside expert speakers
    • Having a peer group of trusted advisors to turn to for assistance with issues
    • Quarterly one-on-one coaching and accountability
    • Annual two-day Strategies for Success planning retreat


  • Led the Worldwide Menu Development Team which included development and testing of multiple product offerings in the USA and Globally
    • Beverage variety and bottled beverages, Coffee Improvement Program, Smoothies
    • Wraps and a variety of Chicken products (sandwiches and hand-held)
    • Sub sandwiches (which failed in test markets)
    • Numerous entrees in countries around the world
  • Directed over $2 Billion in marketing fund expenditures as the VP of USA Marketing
    • Managed 15 Agencies
      • Advertising (General Market, African American as well as Hispanic Advertising Agencies)
      • Public Relations Agencies and Promotion Agencies
      • Won a Silver Effie Award for Advertising Excellence
    • Led McDonald’s Corporation USA Olympic efforts
    • Sold over 300,000,000 Teeny Beanie Babies in 3 weeks
      • Featured in Ad Age magazine and Promotion magazine


  • Managing Director for McDonald’s Italy
    • Increased sales by 25% within two years - returned country to profitability
    • Gained the respect and trust of the franchisees and helped to make them more profitable
    • Significantly improved restaurant operations
    • Closed 15 underperforming restaurants and opened 32 new restaurants in two years
    • Responsible for Operations, Marketing, HR, Real Estate, Capital Reinvestment and Franchising
  • Vice President of Latin America Real Estate Development and Construction
    • Opened over 250 restaurants in 18 countries in two years
    • Created and implemented Profitable Market Optimization plan in each country
      • Restaurant penetration and long-term growth targets by country
      • Specific restaurant site priorities by market area
    • Significantly improved new restaurant first year sales and profitability performance


  • Led a $1.4 Billion Operating Division, exceeded sales and profit goals all three years
    • Selected for Eagle Award for Leadership
    • Responsible for Operations, Marketing, HR, Real Estate and Franchising
  • Prominent member of Reengineering Team that restructured Burger King Corporation’s Corporate and Field organization
  • Delivered Keynote Address for at the National Franchisee Convention


  • Successful career leading and managing teams in 32 countries in Europe, the Caribbean, South America and North America
  • Directed over $2 Billion in marketing fund expenditures and managed over 20 advertising, communications and promotion agencies
  • Opened 660 restaurants around the world (60% in the USA)
    • Featured in Nations Restaurant News magazine
  • Managed over 10,000 people throughout career, many went on to successful careers…
    • COO, Fuddruckers
    • SVP, Dunkin Donuts
    • Chief Marketing Officer, USA for McDonald’s
    • VP Marketing, Applebee’s
    • Franchisee, V-Meals
    • VP Marketing, McDonald’s
    • CMO, World Coffeeo VP Marketing, HealthNet
    • VP of Operations, Arby’s
    • Franchisee, Burger King
    • CFO, Famous Dave’s
    • CMO, Aramark

How confident are you that your new sales hire can sell?

Even more importantly, how confident are you that just because they can sell, they will sell?

We offer an objective assessment system based on more than 500,000 interviews at 10,000 companies that tells you not only whether or not a sales position applicant has the ability to sell, but also what specific hang-ups may impede their potential.

Based on research by Dave Kurlan, author of "Baseline Selling" and the founder of Objective Management Group:

  • 74% of all currently employed sales people, should not be selling
  • 14% of all currently employed sales people are considered strong
  • Only 6% of all currently employed sales people are superstars

When an applicant takes the assessment, you’ll be given one of two responses –- recommended or not recommended. If they’re recommended, it will be either “ideal,” simply “recommended,” or “recommended with caveats.”

Historically, of those hired based on our recommendation, 95% are still within the companies after a year.

If you’d like to stop wasting money and time on ineffective sales hires, contact 55 Questions for more information about these in-depth assessment tools.