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About 55 Questions

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Courage to set the bar high starts with a clear path

A CEO can’t keep tabs on every aspect of the company. After all, that’s why you hire people. But the organizational chart may lack clarity which leads to missed opportunities and unnecessary impediments. (Titles are not to-do lists.)

Founded by Dave Baney, 55 Questions is a discovery process to help CEOs and their management teams create a clear picture of their business’s current state, determine daunting but attainable growth goals, and shape the path to reach that destination.

Using a direct questioning method (sometimes uncomfortably direct), David will lead you to a better understanding of your corporate landscape from both a bird’s eye and worm’s eye view. There will be accountability where things now fall through cracks. That cluttered growth plan will become simplified, delineated and effective.

Where do you start? Request a 4D Assessment to find out where your business is hitting on all cylinders and where you need a spark plug.

Bringing Fortune 500 experience to your business

Dave Baney founded 55 Questions so he could use the expertise he developed over more than 30 years in leadership and management roles to help CEOs like you grow their businesses.

In senior executive positions at Burger King and McDonald’s Corporations, he led a variety of disciplines including marketing, operations, new product development, and real estate and construction. At different times he was responsible for markets in 32 countries throughout North America, Latin America and Europe.

Across such a varied landscape of roles, he developed a reputation for crisp execution, dynamic marketing insight and thoughtful direction, leading to several successful turnarounds and profitable growth.

After retiring from McDonalds, he started the Chicago chapter of Renaissance Executive Forums where he’s helped more than 35 CEOs pinpoint problems, develop actionable solutions and execute their solution strategies.

His experiences over this extensive background led him to develop his proprietary 55 Questions Process to help CEOs find the answers that turn their ideal world into profitable realities.

Accountability drives action

55 Questions incorporates several unique processes from the Gazelles Growth Method. Gazelles International focuses on helping executive teams make the right choices when it comes to the Four Decisions: People, Strategy, Execution and Cash.

At 55 Questions, we look for answers in these areas to help you get your management team on the same page, freeing up your day, turning accountability into standard operating procedure. CEOs are able to streamline processes by getting to the nuts and bolts of what needs to be done with management team accountability. This energizes the company, drives priorities and cuts through bureaucratic clutter.

The influence from Gazelles International is one part of what makes 55 Questions such an effective game-changer for CEOs and their management teams.

How confident are you that your new sales hire can sell?

Even more importantly, how confident are you that just because they can sell, they will sell?

We offer an objective assessment system based on more than 500,000 interviews at 10,000 companies that tells you not only whether or not a sales position applicant has the ability to sell, but also what specific hang-ups may impede their potential.

Based on research by Dave Kurlan, author of "Baseline Selling" and the founder of Objective Management Group:

  • 74% of all currently employed sales people, should not be selling
  • 14% of all currently employed sales people are considered strong
  • Only 6% of all currently employed sales people are superstars

When an applicant takes the assessment, you’ll be given one of two responses –- recommended or not recommended. If they’re recommended, it will be either “ideal,” simply “recommended,” or “recommended with caveats.”

Historically, of those hired based on our recommendation, 95% are still within the companies after a year.

If you’d like to stop wasting money and time on ineffective sales hires, contact 55 Questions for more information about these in-depth assessment tools.